EPHMERIX got started in 2015 as my personal experimental project for venturing into electronic music. I have been very much into rock and metal music for most of my life, and acted as a keyboardist and composer for several metal bands, such as SHEAR. I have, however, always liked a lot of other genres as well, especially electronic music in its many forms. Genres such as trance and psytrance have been a pleasure for my ears for the longest time, and I’ve also found a lot of industrial music really enjoyable. Before 2015, I just never got around to explore these genres further, other than just enjoying listening to odd tunes here and there. During the first half of the 2010s, I also stumbled upon something called synthwave which was instantly mind-blowing for me. I decided that I will finally take a cautious step into the unknown, and start producing something other besides metal music.

The name of my project, EPHMERIX, was derived from the word Ephemeris, which is a tool used for calculating trajectories of astronomical objects and used for celestial navigation. I felt that this was a very suitable name for my project since astronomy and the vast size of our universe has always fascinated me. Furthermore,  I wanted a short name that didn’t have a special connotation towards a specific musical genre, so that’s why I ended up using EHPMERIX.

From the very start, I decided that I won’t restrict myself too much and that I will create any music that I find fascinating. I also decided that it’s okay for me to release any kind of electronic music under the same project name. After all, the name was very universal and suitable for all forms of music. Also, I was the sole member of the project so who would stop me? I’ve been an avid gamer for most of my life and therefore also into video games and video game music. I have taken part in Assembly Computer Festival‘s music competitions and I really like the atmosphere of the festival in general. One could say that this was also one of the many reasons why I wanted to try to create something new that I hadn’t tried before.

My tenure in EPHMERIX has been a huge learning process. Not only have I been responsible for the music I compose and release, but also for producing the music. I wasn’t totally unfamiliar with producing when I started the project, but saying that I had a good idea of what I was doing productionwise, would be a far stretch. I feel that listening to all the EPHMERIX material released so far, one can really hear the improvements in the production. The newer tunes just sound a lot better. This is also something that drives me forward. Not only do I want to come up with new cool music ideas, but I also want them to sound good and to translate well to the listener. I’m still just at the beginning of my journey and I feel that I will keep releasing new and better music in the future.

EPHMERIX / Lari Sorvo